A good PA/VA system makes difference to create an attractive and appropriate environment which could enhance the shopping experience for targeting customers. The BGM can be divided into different sources and routed to different zones, and separate message tracks for advertising announcements presents for each zones geared to the area specific to that merchandise section. 








Additionally, the BOUTIQUE system incorporates a powerful DSP such as PEQ and provides a high quality sound for every zone while the voice announcements should provide intelligible coverage for any particular space.

This system can accommodate the requirements for large number of zones with high loaded power requirements per zone. Single controller has six music sources and can connect a max of sixteen paging consoles. Each remain cashiers areas and one in the manager’s office.

This installation will also meet all the standards and especially consider the rapid evacuation. The system operator can control and fully supervise the entire system remotely from web browser interface such as simultaneously live broadcasting, appropriate volume, zone setting, event scheduler including bell management, allowing to schedule the events such as messages playing, commands triggering etc..





  • Meet the PA/VA requirements over a large site.
  • Paging microphones in security control room.
  • BGM in shopping areas can be interrupted for announcements and advertisements.
  • Volume levels in each zone can be set differently for BGM, emergency announcements and general paging.
  • All paging consoles are able to call any building and any zone.
  • Fully supervision including general surveillance, volume attenuators on monitored speaker line, digital message management etc..
  • Integration with fire alarm/detection system to locate a fire and trigger immediate evacuation of alarm sequencing (phased evacuation).







EN 54-16, UL2572 and UL60065 certified approval pending


Boutique System (2.81 MB)