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Leading Innovation in Life-Safety Industry

In 2006, based in Dubai Silicon Oasis at the heart of the most vibrant country in the Middle East; ATEIS Middle East FZCO was formed to expand the ATEIS success story outside Europe, and to reach the Middle East & India Markets. Rapidly our company grew from just two engineers to a team of more than 60. This expansion helped secure and deliver an enviable portfolio of more than 2000 mega installations in the region.

To deliver the vision to become the number ONE in the life-safety industry; ATEIS Middle East established the first UAE production facility for Fire Detection and Alarm Systems under the VELOX brand name. In addition our in-house R&D team are continually innovating fire detection solutions that are fully integrated with the Ateis Pro-audio PAVA offerings, and have filed several patents relating to our micro-power technology, reinforcing VELOX as a leading brand in the fire industry..

Power Of Innovation

Today the ATEIS brand name is synonymous with quality and is backed by our assurances of Responsibility and rapid Response essential in building a healthy Relationship with our  customers.  Operating from our HQ in Dubai, our team of 60 specialists continually strive for excellence and outstanding performance. This POSSIBLE TEAM keep pushing the boundaries of the possible, continually delivering innovative solutions to challenges that for many seem to be impossible.


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Our client’s testimony to our service and quality is the high level of customer retention and repeat business for large and award winning projects since 2006. We are proud of our commitment to excellence, and our POSSIBLE TEAM’s  vision to be the number ONE in our field of life-safety and smart city solutions. We are delighted to continue to welcome both new and existing customers to our home of innovation and to be part of our successful journey together.

With 40+ years of experience in development and manufacturing, ATEÏS holds factories in Europe and Asia where we lead a team of more than 40 dedicated highly qualified engineers who are working solely on state of the art technology.

For us, the test is to be seen as the best in our business by all; our customers, employees and suppliers. That’s why we are constantly on the outlook for ways to strengthen our organisation, expand our portfolio and our geographical presence. All to provide better service and support.

True integration of the Voice Evacuation, Public Address and Background Music systems with Professional Audio using modern IP-networking or dedicated services with extreme low latency, built for live-on-stage usages. Many applications such as Shopping Malls, Hotel and Restaurants require these fast and high fidelity Integrated systems – resulting in simplicity, increased security and durability.

The ATEÏS Digital Signal Processing technology carries up to 48 audio channels over a redundant structured Network, securing all demanding requirements for high-end Voice Evacuation and commercial pro-sound, delivering breathtaking Professional Audio capabilities which comply with current international safety standards.

Our 3R Policy

The ATEÏS Middle East FZCO Family promises the delivery of its services and products with RESPONSIBILITY and ensures rapid RESPONSE to the customer needs and requirements, both commercially and  technically. It strives to develop  RELATIONSHIP excellence built on trust, loyalty, support, confidence, ethical values and transparency.

Our Vision

To distinguish our brands as the number ONE brand of lead Life-Safety, Security, Hospitality, Entertainment and Smart City market segment with RESPONSIBILITY; and to deliver high-end support and technical solutions with INNOVATION, and to be the dominant brand in our field of proficiency tagged with EXCELLENCE.



Our Services

ATEÏS Middle East services over 85 distributors in the region. This strategic structure allows the organization to respond to the customer’s needs in an orderly fashion and provide the prompt service required. This decentralized approach in catering for business needs is not a new concept in business management — however it is one that ATEÏS Middle East has mastered effectively.


With more than 40 years of Public Address and Voice Evacuation System experience behind it, ATEÏS Middle East has built on the strong foundation of the organization to provide end-to-end solutions, totally integrated on a single platform. The new generation of integration tools not only complies with BS5839 part 1 and 8, EN 60849, EN54 part 1 and 4, but also with BS6259 where integration with Professional Audio is essential in today’s complex building projects.


The integrated Voice Evacuation and Public Address System is not a new technology in the market place: it was recommended by BS5839 part 8:1998 and welcomed by NFPA72:2002. In today’s complex environments, Personal Safety and Property Security requirements demand more than just Voice Evacuation in the event of a Fire Alarm incident. To protect the properties of today more than just recorded messages are required. The complex needs of property safety against terror threats, natural disasters and many other safety and security issues also need to be taken into account.


What is also required today is the true integration of the Voice Evacuation, Public Address, Background Music system with the Professional Audio. Many applications such as Shopping Malls, Hotels, and Restaurants require high – fidelity systems to be integrated with the Voice Evacuation System — resulting in less cost, greater security and reliability. The ATEÏS Digital Signal Processing technology, with more than 48 audio channels and a fault tolerant structure, make available all the requirements of high-end Voice Evacuation, Public Address and deliver breathtaking Professional Audio capability which comply with all international safety regulations.


Many installations have been completed in the Middle East adopting this innovative approach, providing the end user with peace of mind and opening up new horizons for an endless string of features and capabilities that are second to none. The Velox Cloud remote monitoring/reporting and seamless IoT integration of the equipment into smart city applications are some of the newer innovations helping Ateis products to continue to lead the market.


The ATEÏS Middle East Research and Development department is the beating heart of our drive to lead the industry. Through regular feedback and visionary sessions, the R&D team are driven to develop  products that are not only ‘best in class’, but with new and innovative features that constantly push the boundaries of what is possible. The drive to innovate has led to numerous patentable features which are an industry  first for UAE developed fire detection products.



Research & Development

A significant sum is invested each year in the R&D department and 2017 is no exception with additional investment which will double the size of the department. This additional R&D space will be used in multiple ways including increased soak testing facilities and enhanced ‘innovation’ space for the engineering team.




The ATEÏS Middle East products and processes are approved to international standards with many recognized third party certification bodies including LPCB, Intertek, UL and BSi. Our production facility and ISO processes are regularly audited to ensure consistency and best practice. Ateis is committed to not only achieving the minimum standards to pass the Certification but to exceed the required level and commit to new standards and approval tests for the complete systems when they are introduced. These internationally recognized approvals help to increase the volume of export opportunities and accessible markets worldwide.