The announcement of a departure in intervention must alert firefighters which are on duty in a very short time. The installation of a public address system within the barracks allows to quickly distribute informative messages to all the firefighters. It is able to set up the system using the IP network, allowing the emergency call to be launched from the outside command post to one or more barracks simultaneously.









  • Compact and cost-effective solution.
  • Ease of installation and use.






The BTQ-VM8 controller allows to paging to multi-zones with a coverage from 1 to 8 broadcast zones. The controller incorporates digital signal processing (DSP), a digital message player, a monitored fireman microphone, monitoring of amplifiers, speaker lines with automatic switching on standby amplifier.


There are 8 alarm inputs available in BTQ-VM8 controller for pre-programmed event settings such as course announcements. On the front panel of BTQ-VM8, the user can adjust the sound level in each of the selected zones (corridor, offices, courtyard, shed and outside). The system uses two external 240 watt amplifiers and all the speakers will be located in corridor, offices, courtyards, rooms, shed and exterior. The DPA2500 amplifier is a Class-D power amplifier (2 x 500 watt/100 volt).


The DPM-MAIN console which is equipped with 8 keys to select the zones/groups of zones and a general call key shall be located at the internal fire station. These key buttons can be easily configured via BTQ-VM8 web browser, allowing the broadcasting of pre-recorded messages or live announcements using the DPM-MAIN console.


The PCL5/T ceiling loudspeaker is equipped in the office areas and the corridors leading to the rooms. This white ABS speaker is powered with 6 watt. The PH30/T compression chamber is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations such as hangar and courtyard areas. The PH30/T is powered with 30 watt and is in gray ABS. It is fixed via a U-shaped stirrup.


An optional connection to the external control station can be achieved via PPM-IT5 call station. The connection to the BTQ-VM8 controller is via a TCP/IP link. The PPM-IT5 allows to make remote calls from an external command post to the barracks. It features a gooseneck microphone, a built-in speaker, a 5 ” TFT color touch screen. A total of 168 keys spread over 14 pages allows the selection of zones or groups of zones, thus making it possible to send calls to one or more barracks.





  • Applicable with various type of zones: corridor, offices, courtyards, hangar and exterior.
  • Programmable events for announcement.
  • Pre-recorded messages broadcasting or live announcements.
  • Optional link with external command post.




  • 1 x BTQ-VM8 – 8 zones compact PA/VA controller (54-16 certified)
  • 1 x DPA2500 – 2 x 500 watt Class-D Amplifier
  • 1 x DPM-MAIN – 8 zones call station
  • 15 x PCL5/T – 6 watt lights ABS ceiling speaker
  • 5 x PH30/T – 30 watt ABS compression chambers
  • 1 x PPM-IT5 – IP call station (allow to call the outside command post)




  • PCL5/T/HP (3 watt): Install in corridor, offices, courtyards areas.
  • PH30/T/HP (30 watt). Install in 3 x hangar and 2 x outside areas.
  • It is possible to provide user training, connection wiring of products, and technical assistance by ATEÏS services.


IDA8 System (4.23 MB)
Boutique System (2.81 MB)