IDA8 PA/VA System

Product Number: IDA8

The IDA8 system is a highly integrated network PA/VA system that complies with current architectural demands and IP and/or fiber-optics networking to cover for any complex design.

IDA8 is a third-generation modular PA/VA system that complies with current architectural demands requiring IP and/ or fiber-optic networking to allow for even the most complex of system designs.

IDA8 responds to Public Address and Voice Alarm requirements as stated in EN54-16, ISO 7240-16, UL60065, UL2572 and BS5839/8, with specific attributes for compliance in large installations.

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The IDA8C controller houses advanced audio digital signal processing (DSP), matrix control functions and with front panel access for a fully monitored and emergency triggering buttons. IDA8C also supports amplifier monitoring with hot-swap amplifiers and loudspeaker line impedance monitoring.






IDA8C supports up to four PSS-AS monitored microphone consoles and up to eight monitored amplifiers plus two back-up amplifiers, paging into 8 different zones per unit with A/B line detection according to BS 5839 part 8. Featuring 8 monitored zones with simultaneous selection, control inputs, and contact outputs.





IDA8C provides the zones and audio in & out expansion of the IDA8 systems, using a secured 48-channel audio and data network over CAT5 or fiber optic, which can be a network of onecontroller and a maximum up to 31 Slave units via ATEÏS local-net, providing with 256 paging zones with priorities (1~99), satisfying with the most complex public address and voice alarm requirements.





•  Support up to 31 slave units in ATEÏS Local-Net
•  Up to 256 zones via ATEÏS Local-Net
•  4 dedicated and monitored PDC-ports for paging consoles
•  Powerful 4096 x 8192 security paging matrix over ATEÏS local and global network
•  9 supervised control inputs and 8 control outputs Simultaneous control and routing for 48 audio channels at 48 kHz sampling over dedicated network
•  Telephone interface via SIP protocol or telephone line services
•  Modbus Protocol interface via TCP/IP or RS485
•  An Intuitive GUI PC software for system setup, design and remote control via Ethernet and TCP/IP connection
•  Ethernet interface for TERRACOM, 3rd party devices, configuration, control, diagnostics and logging
•  Advanced preset manager and event scheduler
•  DSP functions of PEQ, GEQ, Delays, Ducker, Gate, AGC, feedback, filter, inverter, local echo suppressor, mixer
•  Programmable 1~99 priority for 256 paging zones
•  Digital storage for up to 100 minutes in WAV format (16k 16 bit) or 400 minutes in G.722 format for pre-recorded messages



Hardware System Configuration


  • 25V/ 70V/ 100V line x 8 or Lo-Z x 4 monitored speaker zones
  • 8 flexible audio Input/Output configurations
  • 4 monitored console interfaces, audio interfaces, telephone interface, mobile text message
  • 4 simultaneous message players per unit
  • A dual SIP-based VoIP soft module with G.711, G.722, G.726, G.727 and MP3 codec


Sound Quality


  • 24 bits A/D and D/A converters
  • 48kHz sampling rate
  • Audio bandwidth 20 Hz – 22kHz



















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