The application could go far beyond to large and complex projects such as railway station and international airport. In order to protect lives and property at airports, it is vital to quickly detect, locate, verify, and contain fires. Terminal halls pose special challenges, with due to the crowds and long distances to emergency escape routes. The BOUTIQUE system can be integrated with the fire alarm/detection system to quickly and accurately locate a fire and trigger immediate evacuation of alarm sequencing (phased evacuation). At the same time, the system allows the operator to guide people to safety and avoid danger areas.








The system has network redundancy on many levels, including the fully redundant network, redundant microphone loop or daisy chain wiring for the paging microphones, eco-friendly automatic standby/active unit switching, A/B redundant wring for speakers, auto amplifier channel backup in case of a amplifier failure. 
Message routing must have different intelligible coverage determined by different environment such as a highly noisy baggage handling areas. In addition, the BOUTIQUE system can route the pre-recorded arrival and departure announcements and live speech broadcasting. The alert message and EVAC messages are stored inside the controller. Messages can be automatically played at pre-defined intervals. Each gate could have a paging console for live announcements.





  • Volume levels in each zone can be set differently for BGM, emergency announcements and general paging.
  • BGM in food court, shops is optional and is possible to interrupt for announcements.
  • Priority management with paging calls.
  • Easy integration with TERRACOM  IP-based paging, intercom and control system, TerraManager custom GUI control software and IP phone via SIP protocol.
  • Fully redundant network architecture – if one of network cables occurs unexpected disconnection, the redundant network will recover the communication to make system continually functional.
  • Up to 16 paging consoles can be connected per controller, they can be wired in daisy chain or as a redundant loop to ensure a secured application.
  • Integration with fire alarm/detection system to locate a fire and trigger immediate evacuation of alarm sequencing (phased evacuation), see the picture below






  • By installing the VA-EOL at the end of speaker lines and SL-SENSOR2/SL-SENSOR4 on the zone board of main controller, the system can indicate whether speaker line is open or short circuit within 90 seconds (EN54-16 requirement).
  • VAT volume attenuators can be installed on monitored speaker lines without the need for a loopback cable.
  • Optional BCU-4830A/BCU-4875A battery chargers (48VDC) can connect to main controller for secured battery backup and power sharing.
  • EN 54-16, UL2572 and UL60065 certified approval pending.


Boutique System (2.81 MB)
IDA8 System (4.23 MB)
Loudspeakers Catalogue (8.26 MB)