In most of the rooms of x-rays, a glass of protection against x-rays separates the doctor of his patient. The installation of a full-duplex intercom system allows you to keep a verbal contact between the radiologist and the patient.







  • Cost effective solution of compact intercom system
  • Ease of installation
  • Full Duplex, Automatic Gain Control
  • Automatic stand-by-mode
  • Excellent and clear audio quality for communication


The system is delivered by connecting the cables among the system units as well as with the software to control the system (sound levels, levels of HP, …).


MAGELLAN is the ideal intercom solution for applications which need perfect voice transmission, even in difficult acoustic conditions.C






The Magellan Compact is a digital intercom system ensuring a full-duplex link between the radiology room and the radiologist, an excellent quality level controlled by digital signal processing (DSP).


Its DSP includes various complex algorithms such as level control, echo cancellation, noise reduction without alteration of the floor in case where the radiologist or the patient would speak too loud, voice activation detection.


The MAGELLAN intercom consists of the following components:



Radiologist side:


  • 1 x PMUC: integrated with microphone, loudspeaker and central processing unit.


Patient side: 


  • 1 x MC: electret unidirectional microphone for patient use
    Material: steel bracket and head of the micro in stainless steel
    This mic can be set on the device of radiology or suspended from the ceiling of the radio room.
  • 1 x PCL5/T speaker in white ABS with a power of 5 Watt/8 Ohms.
    Performance: 85 dB/1 W/1m





  • Ensure a full-duplex communication through the glass wall.
  • Avoid any echo or Larsen.
  • Reduce the noise without affecting the floor.
  • Voice activation detection.




  •  1 x PMUC (rradiologist side)
  • 1 x MC (patient side)
  • 1 x PCL5/T (patient side:)
  • Connection cables
  • Software




  • Provide for a distance of 50 cm between the microphone and loudspeaker patient side to avoid any echo of Larsen.
  • Remove the 100V transformer of PCL5/T for operation in intercom mode with the PMUC.