This application of hotels allows multiple music sources to broadcast to the specific rooms/floors whether is in a lobby, hotel rooms or bar. The integrated VA application makes sure to evacuate the hotel guests and staff, providing individual paging call to specific zones. During the emergency evacuation such as fire or gunshot, the EVAC message will be automatically overridden to the BGM, providing guests’ safety.









The BOUTIQUE system is with the latest DSP functions such as PEQ, Compressors, Limiters, etc. which add up the advantages for digital message paging and audio routing to multiple zones, providing a suitable atmosphere to the guests. The optional USB flash drive can be connected to main controller to expand the memory of BGM/message storage.

Additionally, the A/B wiring speakers will ensure the loudspeaker is supplied by two different lines and function in case of failure. This maximizes flexibility while minimizing cost. The BOUTIQUE is capable to lower your material cost with an ease of installation and configuration solution by using the built-in 250W/500W high-efficiency Class-D amplifier of main controller, and connect to the loudspeakers in specific zones.











  • Paging microphones in reception and office.
  • BGM in lobby and restaurant, and can be interrupted for voice announcements.
  • Selectable live paging calls and audio routing.
  • RAC 5/RAC 8 wall-mount controllers for source selection and volume adjustment in hotel corridors, banquet hall etc., fulfilling the independent BGM playback and volume adjustment for each area.
  • Fully supervision including general surveillance, volume attenuators on monitored speaker line, digital message management etc..
  • High power requirement (multiple loudspeakers) per floor.
  • Integration with fire alarm/detection system to locate a fire and trigger immediate evacuation of alarm sequencing (phased evacuation), see the picture below.



EN 54-16, UL2572 and UL60065 certified approval pending


Boutique System (2.81 MB)