High-Fidelity & Commercial Audio Music Systems | ATEIS Webinar Series


Join ATEIS upcoming Live Webinar to discover the integration between Music & PA/VA Systems and The SOUNDTUBE range of Pro-Audio Speaker Systems with an application of selecting the appropriate loudspeaker for BGM & PAVA combined Systems.

Webinar Outline:
Date: Wednesday 3rd Feb,2021
⦿ 11:00am London Time.
⦿ 01:00pm Cairo Time.
⦿ 03:00pm Abu Dhabi/Dubai Time.
⦿ 04:30pm Delhi Time.
⦿ 10:00pm Sydney Time.
Topic Details:
✔️ All in one Music & Public Address & Voice Alarm System!
✔️ UL1480 Speakers for Voice Alarm.
✔️ Types of Pro-Audio Speakers as per Application.
✔️ Soundtube Product Range: Ceiling, Wall, Open Ceiling Speakers.
✔️ IP Dante Speakers, Wireless Speakers, Secret Sound, Rock acoustics & Induction Dynamics.
✔️ Q&A Session.
⦿ Mr. Ken Hecht
    Vice President of Engineering.

⦿ Mr. Pranav Bhavsar
    Director – Planning & Engineering. 


Don’t miss the chance to find out more about integration between Music & PA/VA Systems from ATEIS Life-safety Experts.