Introducing ATEIS Middle East FZCO

Established in 2006, ATEIS Middle East FZCO has been at the forefront of innovation in the UAE, addressing the critical need for advanced voice evacuation and public address systems. We revolutionized the industry by integrating both systems, setting a new standard and moving away from the norm of separate systems.

Pro-Audio Public Address Systems for High-End Users

ATEIS introduced pro-audio public address systems equipped with high-fidelity speakers, catering to high-end users such as malls, buildings, and the Dubai Metro. Our systems not only deliver hi-fi music but also facilitate mass evacuation commands when necessary. Our installations can be found in iconic locations such as Burj Al Arab, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Festival City, and numerous other mega projects across the Middle East, Africa, and India.

Scientific Approach to Audio Clarity

“Our innovation was our scientific approach to intelligibility with high audio clarity stemming from exhaustive acoustic testing ahead of each installation. We were the path breakers in this type of system and now they are the norm in the entire Middle East region,” explains Hussam Al Haddad, CEO of ATEIS Middle East FZCO and Co-Founder of VELOX Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.

Global Reach of VELOX

Born and growing in Dubai, the VELOX brand of smart fire detection and alarm systems is now exporting to more than 35 countries worldwide. VELOX, in collaboration with Dubai Civil Defense, has made significant strides in protecting families and properties from the devastating effects of fire.

Cutting-Edge Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

“We have introduced our cutting-edge wireless fire alarm system, installed in just 30 minutes. No drilling! No hassle! And with a 10-year battery life, just call 800 83569 (VELOX) and we will get you protected,” says Hussam Al Haddad.

Customized Solutions for Every Home

Since 2015, VELOX has partnered with the Ministry and Departments of Civil Defence in the UAE for home life safety projects. We offer different types of product systems for villas approved by Civil Defence, whether under construction or already constructed. Our VELOX engineers visit the villa site to advise homeowners on the most appropriate system for their needs. For homes under construction, wired solutions with comprehensive features are available. For already constructed homes, the latest wireless systems are the perfect fit.

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