Join ATEÏS upcoming Live Webinar to learn more about New Technologies in Audio Over IP and It’s applications in – Public Address, Music streaming, Audio routing, Paging, Mass Notification, and Monitoring via a web-based browser interface.
Webinar Outline:
Date: Wednesday 14th OCT,2020
09:00am London Time.
10:00am Cairo Time.
12:00pm Abu Dhabi/Dubai Time(GST).
13:30pm Delhi Time.
18:00pm Sydney Time.
Topic Details:
✔️ Audio Over IP Applications.
✔️ Monitoring & Control Audio Remotely.
✔️ Minimal installation time & Long term cost savings.
✔️ TerraManager GUI-based control software.
✔️ Solutions for: Retail, Airports, Rail, Hotels, and schools.
✔️ Q&A Session.
Don’t miss the chance to find out more about the latest applications of audio over IP in various industries from ATEIS Life-safety Experts.