Time Synchronization is no longer an expense, but rather an investment with easily measurable benefits.


Join ATEIS upcoming Live Webinar about Time Distribution, Synchronization & Timestamping systems from Gorgy Timing. And It’s applications in different industries (Hospitals, Railway, Airports, Sports Halls, etc.).



Webinar Outline:

Date: Wednesday 16th Dec 2020.
Duration: 45min + Q&A Session
• 08:00am London Time.
• 10:00am Cairo Time.
• 12:00pm Abu Dhabi/Dubai Time(GST).
• 13:30pm Delhi Time.
•18:00pm Sydney Time.


Topic Details:

✔️ Methods of time transmission & synchronization.

✔️ GorgyTiming Technical Solutions.

✔️ NTP (Network Time Protocol) transmission.

✔️ Time Servers & Digital Clocks applications.

✔️ Event Scheduling & Management remotely.

✔️ Q&A Session.



Webinar Speakers:

Mr. Pranav Bhavsar
Director – Planning & Engineering.
13 years of experience in PAVA & Life safety Industry.

Mr. Ajay Yadav
Engineering Manager.
8 years of experience in PAVA & Life safety Industry.



Don’t miss the chance to find out more about Time Distribution & Synchronization from ATEIS Life-safety Experts.

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