King Khaled International Airport -KSA

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of a landmark project at King Khaled Airport. ATEIS has taken a significant stride in ensuring top-notch safety and communication within this crucial aviation hub.
Project Name King Khaled International Airport
Location: Riydah, KSA

🏢 Project Scope:  ATEIS Possible team took the helm in deploying an extensive network of IDA8 Public Address & Voice Alarm systems. This groundbreaking solution empowers the airport with cutting-edge technology, enabling swift and efficient communication in any situation.

🔊 Enhancing Communication: The heart of the project lies in the deployment of various types of Ceiling and Column Speakers strategically placed across the entire venue. Whether it’s the bustling terminals, expansive concourses, or vital operational areas, every inch is now covered with crystal-clear audio communication capabilities.

🌍 Global Impact: By embracing this project, Ateis has once again reaffirmed its commitment to creating safer environments across the globe. Our dedication to innovation, reliability, and excellence is unwavering, as demonstrated by our collaboration with King Khaled Airport.

🙌 Team Effort: This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and expertise of our remarkable team. Their relentless commitment to ensuring safety underscores every success we achieve.

📈 Setting New Standards: As we continue to push the boundaries of safety technology, we’re excited about the ripple effect this project will have across the industry. It’s a testament to our belief that effective communication is at the core of a secure and thriving environment.

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