Chennai Metro Rail -India

• Project Name Chennai Metro Rail.
• Location: India
• System: IDA8  PA/VA – 100% Redundant system


Chennai Metro Rail Project (CMRL) protected with ATEIS IDA8 System. The project having 32 Metro Stations, 2 Interchange Station, Operation Command Centre, and 2 Depots is one of the biggest Metro Projects in India. ATEIS has provided 100% Redundant System using IDA8C RU MAIN & RU PDC System, wherein a Failure of a Controller in a Metro Station will have a Standby/Secondary Control to takeover as 100% Redundant 

ATEIS Middle East supplied CAD series speakers on Platforms which not only gives Highly Intelligible Sound Clarity but are also reliable and fully IP Protected against Dust & Water.
SENTRY series speakers are installed in Service Rooms and other indoor areas while the Ceiling speakers are installed in the Concourse / Ticketing Zones.

Thanks to ATEIS Vox @Net server software which accumulates all the Fault Data from all stations into a Central System at OCC. The PAVA system racks are connected to MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) of CMRL which helps in achieving the Centralised Paging & Music broadcast facility from OCC.


IDA8C units placed in each station are interfaced with PIDS (Passenger Information Display Systems) which make it possible for Automatic Train Departure & Arrival Announcements in English & Tamil Languages. The system designed by ATEIS Middle East Engineers along with the Main Contractor is fully redundant with Backup Amplifiers, Class-AB Speaker circuit zoning, Dual Power Supplies & Redundant Controllers.

Each station is equipped with ATEIS PSS-AS Touchscreen Paging Console located at the Station Manager Room. PSS-AS has 5″ Touchscreen Paging Console with Linus OS & is fully customizable, this helps is doing Paging, Music Control, Message Broadcast & Ad-hoc recording.