Dubai Festival Plaza

Its Year 2021 and ATEIS Middle East proudly announces another wonderful project to our substantial portfolio of references:  FESTIVAL PLAZA MALL in Dubai UAE.

ATEIS Middle East from the last 15 Years has been the supplier of choice for the largest shopping malls in the UAE & Middle East Region. We have again proven our credentials by becoming the supplier for the high-performance PAVA (Public Address Voice Alarm) combined with BGM (Background Music) system at the Festival Plaza project.

This one-of-kind of project uses the superfast ATEIS NET audio network with fibre optic backbone which broadcasts 48 Audio Channels with a latency of only <1ms on 9 nodes/rack locations across the mall. The fibre optic cables used here are fire rated multi-mode 62.5um type with transmission capability of 2km between each node. ATEIS NET being a ring of fibre, is 100% fault tolerant for any kind of network cable failure and compliant to EN54-16 and DCD (Dubai Civil Defence) regulations.

ATEIS Design Engineers proposed & implemented the system with 9nos. of DAU (Distributed Amplification Units) with a peer-peer network, each DAU rack is powered by 230V mains as well as back-up by 12V battery banks & chargers for operation during power failure.

All products used in the project are approved to EN54-26, EN54-24, DCD, UL etc. and comply with all local and international regulations of life safety.

ATEIS Middle East team not only studied the challenging acoustic environment of the mall but also provided a cutting-edge solution by placing the ATEIS SmartVox-60-II speakers on the ceiling. This design enabled focusing and ‘showering’ the narrow beam audio from ceiling to floor. This helped in reducing the reflections from walls and achieving high SPL levels > 90dB across the mall corridors. The mall corridor design was simulated in EASE 4.3 – 3D acoustic simulation software before implementation.

The project has 28000 Watts RMS of Class-D amplification, a high-speed fibre network of more than 3.5km cables, 9 Racks, 700+ EN54-24 approved speakers, multi-channel music sources & 4 Nos. of ATEIS PSS Linux based 5” control call paging stations. This significant amount of equipment is seamlessly integrated & completely monitored from a single location control room. Over-all the system has 75+ Zones delivering crystal clear audio over fire rated cables with 100V audio signals.

ATEIS possible team is proud to include such a significant and prestigious project as a reference and we are delighted that our innovative solutions have delivered for another delighted client.